4 Technologies That Can Change the World

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Technology can enslave humanity or completely free us. It depends on our intention in the rapid innovation that is happening in our age. The Universe is constantly evolving, which is also reflected in our society. I do believe the future will be highly technological as a natural consequence. As more people all over the globe experiences an opening of the Heart Chakra and the realisation of Oneness, we will adjust the purpose of technology towards the direction of freedom, creativity, compassion and collaboration. This is already happening. Technology is supposed to make the physical world more convenient solve problems. I am convinced that every problem has a solution, from soil erosion to corruption. Below I will list four examples of technologies that have the potential to solve world-wide problems.

#1 Blockchain

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Most people nowadays are familiar with blockchain due to the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but what are the true features of the underlying technology? How can we utilise blockchain to create a world of greater harmony, freedom and fairness?

Blockchain is a network that creates trust between parties that don’t know each other or where trust is a problem. There is no central actor that enables the trust, hence blockchain is decentralised. Decentralisation eliminates the need for intermediary third parties, improves the speed and efficiency in transactions and reduces costs. Transparency, traceability, immutability and the need for consensus are features that is making this system more secure, private and fair while being almost impossible to hack or deceive in any way.

Blockchain is a technology that can transform many industries and be an excellent solution in areas of society with a lot of corruption, fraud and principal-agency challenges. In others word, blockchain can support humanity with issues around censorship, low security, low efficiency, little transparency or expensive intermediaries.

A few examples where blockchain is making revolutionary steps are as decentralised currencies, peer to peer transactions and smart contracts. Blockchain can also be used to create secure digital identities, manage corporate logistics, track supply chains and create transparency around the origin of food and other products. It can provide better democracy through voting and free speech, corporate governance, ownership validation through NFTs and more.

Some companies building innovative and transformative solutions on blockchain are RippleLabs, Tecra Space and and Spring Labs.

#2 Healing beds

There are several Heath Tech companies popping up with solutions regarding healing and holistic wellbeing. For instance, med beds are an example of this and the Harmonic Egg is one of the most famous inventions by a woman called Gail Lynn. The Harmonic Egg utilises the shape of an egg to create a 360 degree healing experience. Moreover, it is originally a discovery of Nikola Tesla where one uses sacred geometry with the vibratory frequencies of light and sound therapy. It is holistically centred on mind, body and spirit and works on unlocking energy blockages. As a result, this allows for more life force and natural healing. It is proven to heal physical pain and illness as well as mental imbalances like stress, PTSD and anxiety.

40 Years of Zen is another technology of wellbeing that is highly advocated by high performers and lifehackers like Dave Aspery, Jim Kwik and Vishen Lakhiani. It is supposed to raise IQ, EQ, creativity, productivity, decision making, mental clarity, joy, empathy and wellbeing to mention a few.

#3 Hydroponic farming

Hydroponic farming or aquaponics is a way of growing plants in water instead of traditional soil. As a result, it is often associated with futuristic, urban, vertical farming and seen as a solution to several issues regarding food production in a growing population and a world with urgent environmental crisis. It utilises water with 90 % more efficiency, grows food faster, increases the nutritional value and eliminates the need for chemicals. The vertical systems can produce more food due to better and more efficient use of space. Therefore, it is very well suited in populated, urban areas where people want to eat locally grown food. Moreover, it requires less labour and makes the seasons predictable in a unique micro climate.

Soil degradation is a major challenge for humanity, which is something the well known Indian sage, Sadhguru with the Isha Foundation, is on a mission to solve. Due to changes in farming since the mid 1900s, the quality of soil has decreased leading to lower yields and less nutrients. This is also tied to chronically, autoimmune diseases for humans. We need to wake up and change this fundamental aspect of life and hydroponics can provide a solution.

Companies like Artechno, AeroFarms, GrowPura and Circulus Agtech are exploring the area of AgTech (agricultural technology) and building hydroponic systems.

#4 Mushroom that eat microplastic

Yes, you read correctly! Pestalotiopsis microspora is the mushroom from the Amazon Rainforest that eat plastic and convert it into organic material. The “technology” was discovered in 2012 by Yale students and has the potential to clean up land waste and ocean plastic. It doesn’t need oxygen to survive and can live off plastic alone.

I used to think the future was doomed regarding all the microplastic in our oceans. It has already found its way to the human drinking water. Maybe there is a chance to reverse or at least improve this horrifying situation after all.

The mushroom can be bought on Amazon.com and Out-Grown.com.

Be aware that in this article I’ve only mentioned the upsides and potentialities. There are almost always challenges in the development of new technologies which also needs to be considered.

Let me know your favourite solution in the comments below.

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