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We are soon people on the planet and according to we would all fit into New Zealand if we lived as densely as people are doing on Manhattan. So, the world is not too small, but it might feel like that because of how we live and the way we live. Most of us live in cities or suburbs always surrounded by culture, society and people. Still, we feel more separation and loneliness than ever. All around us are strong power structures full of corruption and control which we cannot escape from completely in a fully colonized world. We live and act like we have lost all respect for nature and other fellow species on Earth. The society was created from and by the ego, it is run by the ego and we can’t solve our problems with the same level of consciousness they were created from.

More and more of us are starting to see through this and in a normal daily life we feel this disconnection to nature, each other and, most of all, ourselves. It’s easy to be distracted by social media, news, advertisements, our jobs, our responsibilities and the constant flow of overwhelming information. We want more simplicity, stillness, silence and peace. We seek love, truth, purpose, fulfillment and connection. How can we reconnect with fellow humans again? How can we reconnect and take better care of our bodies? How can we reconnect with our food and become conscious of how we consume? How can we reconnect with nature and start respecting animals? And how can we best reconnect with our inner self? Conscious communities are popping up all over the world created by humans that want a different lifestyle connected to nature and each other. The communities are founded on love and harmony and is inspired by how old tribes used to live.

How can we and how will we organize our society in the future? We work and pay taxes to keep the government alive and the governments act like they own the people. What if it was the other way around? The government should be working for us, support us and be owned by the people. How can we collaborate and trust each other in a world of so much separation?

Many people seems to believe that the battle is between capitalism and socialism. These are two concepts representing two opposite and crucial concepts; freedom and collaboration. We want freedom, individual expression and to be sovereign. On the other side we must also live together and collaborate. The distortion of socialism is too much top down control and the distortion of capitalism creates a hunger games society. We have tried both and none of the contrasts create a peaceful and harmonious society. The problem isn’t the concepts themselves but our own level of consciousness which is ruled by the ego and the illusion of separation. It manifests as imbalance in every area of society. We must change on the inside before we can change on the outside. When we move into oneness and unity consciousness, we live from love and from our heart space, we will perceive things differently, act differently and different solutions will come to us in return. Solutions that we still can’t perceive at our current level of consciousness.

An idea came to me about using technology to support us with collaboration on a local or global level. The idea consists of creating a fully transparent digital system using blockchain where all the government transactions are being monitored. People can track every single tax money they pay in terms of where and how they are being spent by the politicians. All governmental money moves inside this system and open for everyone to see, and people can vote directly with their tax money by deciding where they want them to be spent. Imagine 20% of what you pay in tax is up to you where to spend. Do you want to build better roads or hospitals? That is direct democracy and there is a chance that people will be more open to paying taxes if they could decide and track where their money goes.

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Will we live in a world consisting of countries in the future? Countries are actually just large organization most people consider absolute and forever necessary. As far as we know, this form of organizing the world appeared after the agricultural revolution when people started to settle down in societies permanently. They were created based on location, not values or common interests, and the members rarely became members by choice. Countries were created by strong men hundreds of years ago when this way of structuring a society was most convenient and made more sense in terms of the level of technology. Today our level of technology is different, the society is changing rapidly and the world is globally connected. Will we need countries the way they are today or will we find different structures for collaborating in the future? Maybe we can participate in one global decentralized online community and live in smaller tribes and local communities which we choose individually? It all depends on our technology and how the collective consciousness evolve. It might not look like it, but we are moving towards more coherence, more universal order, more unity and a higher intelligence.

One thing we know for sure is that things are changing rapidly in these times. Technology are advancing, individuals are waking up to a higher version of themselves and the collective consciousness is rising. New systems, structures and solutions will become a part of our lives in the future whether we want it or not. What do you think the future society will look like? How do you think we will evolve collectively? Let me know in the comments.

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