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In this blog post I will share my perspective on New Earth Business models. Keep in mind that this is just one of many perspectives based on downloads I’ve had and inspiration I’ve gathered. It is not a complete picture and how the businesses of New Earth will be, is still to be discovered by all of us. But we start creating the future by imagining it, so here I go. 

I believe businesses are genius constructs to create, generate and transmute value and the concept of having an economy consisting of many businesses is ultimately supportive of humanity’s best interests. Businesses today are created to serve the people or other businesses in form of physical goods or services. I don’t believe this will change in the New Earth and the future we are creating. I believe the rules of the game will change and the way of doing business will transform a lot. 

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It is already changing. Earlier working life was all about making money for survival or external validation. The younger generations of today are instead dreaming about freedom, following their passions and making a change in the world. The world is already moving in this new direction where fear and trauma is not the main cause of action and we are guided my higher energetic frequencies. We are starting to move in this direction while at the same time being supported by technological advancements.

I believe the businesses of New Earth will be supportive of both polarities I have discussed earlier, unique expression and collaboration. With this I mean that everyone get to move into their own zone of geniuses while working for the greater good of all with there being a conflict between the two.

And this takes me to the idea of the New Earth Businesses being guided by spirit, Source or the Universe. As we are moving into oneness consciousness and the 5th dimensional frequencies, we know that we are a part of a collective mind, a collective consciousness and that we are one. It becomes important for us to do work and create businesses that are in alignment with that knowing while also being supportive of our own individual beings at the same time. Working for the greater good does not mean sacrificing yourself as you as an individual are also a part of the whole and you deserve to receive for the value you create.

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The high levels of technology and increasing development is cause by of the consciousness rising as well. Higher consciousness means access to greater ideas, tools, more order and ease. It is more constructive, less destructive in every area of existence. Already the changes are happening and we can see this in the way it has never been easier to communicate, find talent, travel, get capital and start a business. Every problem you have is most likely being solved with a software company or you can find a problem solver on Upwork. Yes, it has never been easier to be human and to follow your passion, create the freedom lifestyle and supporting humanity through mission work. It is just fear and limiting minds keeping us back, which we have from our ancestors and earlier life experiences.

Technology will not be a threat to us in the New Earth. It has the potential to be a threat, of course, but as we ascend into oneness at the same time as the development is happening, we will be able to handle more powerful technology as well. My belief is that the two evolutions are developing hand in hand and not by coincidence. The technology has the potential to free us and to allow us be more of what we are. We can be more human, have more fun and be of more service to each other. We can free up our time and energy and use our natural talents to create and serve. Technology is supported by higher consciousness and here to serve us humans. How we use it is up til us.

I believe the businesses of New Earth will be supportive of the greater good of all and not just the directly affected parties, like customers and workers, but having positive effects on society, other businesses and nature as well. I believe businesses will solve problems that are real and actually improve people’s lives. I don’t think companies making money out of people’s addictive tendencies and inferiority complexes will do as good in the New Earth. 

We are one humanity and if all of us tap into our soul blueprint and surrender to the guidance of our higher selves we will create from the frequencies of love, abundance, unity, gratefulness and passion, not fear, lack, competition, stress and survival. 

I believe we will see and are already seeing more entrepreneurs than ever, and I believe that we, both entrepreneurs and employees, will make money by being who we naturally are and by tapping into our own unique talents. No humans are alike and we will move into our authenticity. The entrepreneurs are the visionaries of the future and will co-create the New Earth together with their employees and each other.

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I believe the strong hierarchical systems will be replaced by synarchy and there will be more a collaborative and equal relationship between employees and leaders. All roles in a business will be appreciated and valued and we will encourage people to move into their zone of genius instead of climbing a ladder towards more leadership. Vertical promotion is a concept I like. You get a rise without necessarily getting a leader position. You move into a role that suits you better instead. Not everyone are suited to be leaders and to do administrative tasks. The flatter structure of businesses are supported by the feminine energy streaming to the planet. Earth’s grid has been mainly dominated by the masculine energy and it has been very distorted. The new feminine and masculine energy working together will create different dynamics here on our planet and in our systems. 

We will be creating busiensses where we get to make money being ourselves, whether that is creating beautiful music, art, books, courses, technology, food, knowledge or experiences. You share a message from Source when you tap into yourself and find your true message to humanity. We will be paid what we are worth in terms of what value we create for others. We will keep our freedom and be able to maintain our preferred lifestyle, freedom and level of flexibility.

I believe the people and the workers will co-own the businesses to a larger extent. The capital markets have the potential to be fair and efficient and be for the people, not just a few favored like it has been in the past. Huge changes are happening here already, like with crowdfunding, crowdlending, online trading and online investing. The investors will be us, humanity. We will support the businesses to come alive and to expand and they will support our freedom financially and time wise in return. 

Money will be created and exist in a different system than today and be a supportive glue and the blood of our economy. The amount of money we make will be a direct response to the value we add to the greater good of all. We will not create from our minds, but be working with Source through divine synchronicities and guidance in a state of presence and surrender. 

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Competition will cease to exist as we realize that we are all one and the same omnipresent consciousness. So, zero-sum-games will be replaced by positive sum games. This means collaboration instead of competition between businesses. It means existing in respect and peace with nature without violating it. It means that our products and services will have positive externalities in the society and the collective.

When we tap into higher frequencies and levels of consciousness, the collective level rises and makes it easer and more accessible for everyone. It takes one candle to light thousands. We will see positive spirals all the way.

In the subject of nature we will value quality over quantity. Minimalism will be more prominent as things will not be able to fill us up anymore as consumers. We will not stop using amazing technology or let go of great solutions that improves our lives. We will not try to move back in time to take better care of nature. We will instead find better solutions that makes it possible to have a high quality life without violating other species and natural eco-systems. 

The whole value chain will be in alignment with our values of the greater good of all. All suppliers and B2B services will be ethical and it will be experienced as a divine collaboration between businesses. 

Businesses will no longer be making money by making people feel bad about themselves and then give quick fixes, like the cosmetic industry and sugar industry are doing. They don’t have to create a need or a deficiency because people will naturally be drawn to what they need in every moment. Businesses will create products and services that solves real problems and needs in the long run. They will support personal empowerment and love and create everything from organic food and yoga classes to software services making life easier. The businesses will have roots in unity, freedom and respect for all that lives. We will naturally want to serve others when we remember that we are one and that other people’s wellbeing is our own.

All the “you are not good enough, so you need to buy…” will be replaced by “you are amazing and this product will support your self-love and empowerment and help you heal the wound of not being good enough”.

Take away money and see that busiensses are actually just humans running around solving problems for each other. In the New Earth everyone will be divinely matched with what they need. 

This is some of my thoughts about the businesses of the New Earth. Some businesses will be solopreneurs, other will be larger constructs. The frequencies and the energies supporting the businesses will be love. Love for the individual and love for the whole. Every agenda not matching this will not be able to survive and thrive anymore. They will be exposed as our third eye opens and will be replaced by constructs of higher service.

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All in all I believe the businesses of the New Earth era will be working for the greater good of all and be supported by the Universe. They will be working in alignment with oneness and unity consciousness. They will be founded on the frequency of abundance and the goal will not be profit, but impact, service to others and positive changes. It will be in collaboration with Source and led and guided by higher intelligence. Businesses will co-exist in alignment, love, passion and purpose and support our freedom, abundance and empowerment.  

What do you think about New Earth businesses? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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