The financial system is broken

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Most people can agree on the fact that the financial system as we know it today has flaws. Nations are turning bankrupt, the financial crisis is recurring every decade and people are loosing trust in the money system. In this blog post I’ll explain why the system is broken from both an economical and a spiritual perspective. 


The deficit dilemma 

The central banks are printing money, or creating money, out of thin air and the money doesn’t have to be backed by anything of real value like assets, gold or precious metals. All the money that are created by the central banks are inserted into the economy in form of debt, and there is interest on that debt. 

Let’s do a simple thought experiment. Imagine an economy with 1000 individuals and one central bank. The 1000 individuals borrow 1000 units each of the respective currency of the economy. The central bank creates the money, 1.000.000 in total, and gives it to the individuals in form of debt. Further, the central bank imposes 1% interest rate on the debt. Moving forward, imagine a future moment where all the debt has to be returned to the central bank from all the individuals. Even if all the money that was initially created is repaid to the central bank, the society as a whole would still owe 1% off 1.000.000 which accounts to 10.000. Some of the individuals might be able to repay their debt due to unequal distribution of wealth, but some will not and the whole economy will be in deficit as a result.

Now, let’s bring this thought experiment into the current situation of the world today. If all the people, all the businesses, all the banks and all the nations were to repay every single dollar, peso, yen and every other currency back to the central banks, leaving us with nothing, we would still be in deficit because we would still owe the interest on that debt. And there won’t be any more money in the economy to actually pay for it. In the first quarter of 2019, global debt hit [US]$246.5 trillion.


As long as the system persists

This is a system that will for sure create losers. It might create winners depending on how the interest cost is distributed, but it will for sure create losers. It is not a zero sum game. In fact, it is a below zero sum game. It is a negative sum game as humanity as a whole will always be in deficit. We will always be owing money to the central banks.

Businesses can go bankrupt and go out of business, but an individual that goes bankrupt can’t go out of existence. A nation can’t be deleted. We can’t remove Greece from the map because the country is bankrupt. There will be victims and the victims will have to suffer from this to eternity. Or, as long as the system persists. 

Someone might argue that debt is a positive thing. Most of us need debt to buy a house in today’s market. Yes, of course we do. We need loans to buy houses today because the system has created prices that are artificially high. The prices are artificially higher due to the fact that people are spending large amounts of money they don’t have. And people are wondering why one economic crisis is followed by the next!?

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Looking with spiritual eyes

To bring this into a spiritual perspective, debt is created from a lower frequency. Debt does not support the frequencies of abundance, personal sovereignty and freedom. It supports the vibrations of lack, fear and slavery. This system cannot exist in a society based on love and unity. It can only exist in a society based on fear, lack and competition; “for me to be rich, you must be poor”. 

If we take a look around us, humanity has never been richer than it is today. We have never been richer in terms of the amount of products and services flourishing around us and being accessible to more and more people. On the paper, on the other hand, we have never been poorer. There is something that is not adding up as the abundance we see around us is not reflected on the balance sheet. 

This is not a system that can last for eternity as we humans evolve, increase our awareness and move into higher levels of consciousness. This is not a sustainable system and it is doomed to be replaced by something better. The old system is created by the ego and a new one will soon come into existence and will be supported by unity consciousness and a higher Universal intelligence. 


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