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Competition vs. collaboration

Our society is founded on some principles that most of us assume to be of absolute truth. From a very young age we are presented the idea of limitations. From the narrative of lack the idea of competition arises, and as we grow up we are wired into a competitive state with the people and groups around us. 

We are taught that competitiveness is healthy and normal, and this way of thinking and behaving is being encouraged and amplified in the school system, in our spare time activities and by observing the society around us. We are taught that there is something called winners and something called losers, and we spend most of our lives trying to fit into the right category.

We live in a world where competition is the norm. Among countries, businesses and people, from politics to sports. As mentioned, competition is based on the perception of lack and limitations: “For me to have more, you must obviously have less”. This is a zero sum game. There have to be losers for some to be winners.

This is quite a primitive state of thinking and being, and generates a fearful way of perceiving the world. It is a mindset ruled by survival mechanisms and primal instincts of nature. It is fear based and has nothing to do with wisdom, love or higher intelligence. 

Charles Darwin introduced the concept of survival of the fittest. Due to food production having a slower growth rate compared to population growth, there will always be lack of resources and, hence, competition. He basically presented the idea of nature being a competitive place. The idea that there are winners and losers and the best suited competitor survives. 

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I don’t necessarily disagree, but I think it is a very narrow way of perceiving the world. And it only shows one side of reality. Nature doesn’t favor competition. Nature clearly favors collaboration. 

I rather choose to see the world as a place where the best collaborator wins. The species that are the best at collaboration will be the survivors. That’s why there are almost no tigers left and humans have reached almost 8 billion. In my eyes, nature clearly cherishes collaboration. Why? Because it is based on love and unity. 

Nature, or the Universe/God, wants to be on its own side. It doesn’t want to fight itself. As humans, we are a part of nature and therefore this also applies to us. Collaboration is a more evolved state than competition. Have a look at Europe for example. In the 1900s we had two bloody world wars. Two opposite sides with leaders creating narratives of fear, hatred and competition. Europe lost over 70 million people during WW1 and WW2. After 1945 we have established organizations with a focus on collaboration and the results have been increasing peace, friendships between nations and economic growth in every country.

We are taught that it is normal for countries to go to war against each other. We are turned against each other to the loss of all. This paradox of both sides acting in self-interest leading to a less optimal outcome is famously called the prisoner’s dilemma in game theory. Everyone ends up losing when acting in self-interest instead of uniting to create the most optimal outcome for everyone. We need to change the narrative. And the first step is to question the existing one. 

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The power of unique expression

Basic economic theory argue that competition is healthy and positive, implying that an efficient and free market will make sure that the products and services are arranged into the most optimal levels of quantity and quality while keeping the prices low. 

I do not necessarily disagree, but once again the perspective is limited. First of all, efficient markets rarely exists. Second of all, it overlooks specialization. As already stated, nature cherishes collaboration. Another thing cherished by nature is unique expression. 

Nature or the Universe/God wants to expand and express itself in forever new ways of existence. And this eternal creation happens through us. When we, as humans, are standing strong in our own personal energy and truly express ourself as we are, there are no such thing as competition. 

We are all unique souls and we all represent different parts of creation and the Universe itself. The Universe doesn’t want you to copy someone else. It wants you to be you, and it wants you to walk your own path. This is why abundance flows to those individuals who are creating something new and unique. Abundance flows to those who have the courage to take their own path and do something different, as long as it is adding positive value to others, of course. 

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Rising above good and bad

As humans, we live in and experience a very polarized world, and it is easy to get caught up in the polarization of reality. Right, wrong. Good, bad. Light and dark. This is all an illusion. There would be no light without the dark and the contrasts create our reality. What if opposite sides could stop competing and start appreciate the perspective of the opponent? And ultimately see that they in fact complete each other? 

The problem is when we see two opposite solutions as mutually exclusive and we believe that one has to win over the other. In all aspects of reality, the contrasting opponent is necessary for the other opponent to exist. A fish doesn’t know that water exists until it reaches the ocean surface and discovers air. 

To appreciate the contrast is to raise above the polarization of reality and the illusion of good and bad. Things are neither good nor bad. They just are. We interpret them as good, bad or something in between because of our emotions. In this Universe, everything is energy in one form or another, and everything vibrates at a unique frequency. As humans, we interpret these energetic frequencies in the form of emotions. Some energies feel good and some feel bad. Hence, we believe in good and bad. 

Raising above the illusion of the polarized reality is touching upon a higher intelligence of life. It is a more evolved state of thinking. As a society, this is a more enlightened way of moving forward. This is the perspective and the path we need to enter as a humanity to create the changes necessary for this planet to heal. 

It means taking a step above our differences and co-existing in peace and unity. I truly do not believe that world peace can come into place unless we start here. Right here. Within ourselves. 

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