The road to sovereignty

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Understanding energy

From a personal experience, a part of the ascension journey has been about understanding energy. I have been sensitive my whole life, but after experiencing a spiritual awakening it escalated into new heights. I started to understand the energy behind everything by consciously observing how it felt within my body. The assessment of how different things made me feel, made me realize how many things in my life didn’t serve me at all. As for many others on the same journey, my old life crumbled and my new life started to emerge. I moved away from meat, mainstream media and energy-draining friends, and replaced these with a plant based diet, life improving, soulful information and uplifting friends. A new energy requires a new way of living. In the same way this has happened to me and many other individuals, this is destined to happen to our society as well as the new energies are coming into Earth and more people are awakening on a spiritual level.

Two worlds are coexisting

More of us are starting to see two different worlds coexisting on the planet. One world, let’s call it the Old World, is built upon hierarchical structures and founded on fear, centralized power and control. The other world, let’s call it the New World, is built upon the principles of freedom, sovereignty and individual empowerment. At this very moment, one world is crumbling and one world is being created. The contrasts of the two worlds coexisting are to be seen and experienced in most areas of our society today.

For example, let’s take a closer look at the area of information and how the gap is to be seen. In the so-called Old World, information is either true or false and only a few individuals and organizations with “legitimacy” have the right to determine what are facts and what are not. In this world, the people are blindly following authorities which are mandated to determine the current story and the narrative of society. Information is channeled through centralized units like radios, televisions, movies and newspapers.

In the so-called New World, people are starting to question the narrative they are being told by the power structures and they want to hear and listen to alternative viewpoints. The people want to search for different approaches and perspectives. In this new world, all of us are creators of the narrative, and everyone has a voice and gets to speak their truth. Instead of consuming information and believing, people are tapping into their own truth and subscribing to those narratives that resonates on a soul level. In this New World we are sovereign beings with a free voice and a free mind, and we have the same opportunity to share our perspectives as large corporations and governments have. We have access to social media like Youtube, WordPress and Instagram to share our message. Most of the people living in the New World will argue that there’s no freedom of speech on these platforms and that they’re still centralized systems, but I will still argue that the direction things are moving is clear: we are moving towards independent and sovereign individuals creating our own platforms and sharing information through our own sovereign channels.

Second, let’s take a look at the educational system. The Old World is founded on centralized educational institutions where knowledge is being exclusive and only for the highest bidder or the best qualified. Knowledge belongs to a few acknowledged players and they are considered to contain superior knowledge. The current institutions produces obedient humans ready to live their lives in the rat race as hard working employees. The old system shuts down creativity and rewards homogeneity among people. The New World rewards creative thinkers and unique, individual expressions. In the New World of education, anyone can teach everyone about anything. New platforms are emerging online with all sorts of courses and you have access to learn anything you could ever dream of online. You can also teach others about anything you could ever dream to teach about online. In this world, education is inclusive, global and highly decentralized. Even though Skillshare and Udemy are both centralized platforms, we can once again see where the arrow is pointing: towards decentralization and more power to the people.

Third, these two worlds can be seen in the financial system. In the Old World, money, investing and wealth is reserved and accessible to only a few. It is created by a few and it is controlled by a few. In the Old World the people are powerless, their debt grows and they are trapped in the rat race living on the premise of their employers. In the Old World, competition, poverty and lack exist. Read more about the broken financial system in this post. In the New World, the premises are abundance, prosperity and collaboration. In this world more people are accessing wealth opportunities through online crowdfunding and investment platforms. Crypto currencies are emerging with the principles of decentralization and transparency. Despite eToro and Kickstarter being centralized organizations, the trend is clear: more people get to participate in the game and take a share in wealth creation.

Other areas are also being decentralized like religion, healthcare and food production. Which of these two worlds you experience, is ultimately based on what you choose to see and the frequency you exist in.

From internally to externally

This huge collective purge we are seeing these days is a reflection of the huge internal purge happening inside of each human. Shifting and moving into a new dimension is not done easily in one day, though it might happen for some. For most of us it’s about gradual transformation. As we move into higher states of consciousness and the energetic structures of planet Earth changes, the old systems cannot prevail. They have served their role in a third dimensional world of illusion, but power and control are not available on the higher dimensions and timelines because their energetic frequencies are too low. They have to crumble and fall and something new will arise. The New World will arise and it will be founded on some of these following principles (among others):

  • Personal freedom
  • Personal sovereignty
  • Abundance
  • Unity consciousness
  • Service to others
  • Personal empowerment
  • The greater good of all
  • Joy, fun and creativity

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