New Earth Era - the series

Welcome to the New Earth Era! 

In this new docuseries we dive into discussions about the Great Awakening, the premises of the New Earth, eco communities, conscious technology, the new financial system, the law of attraction, businesses of the New Earth and more.

In 3 episodes with 10 amazing thought leaders, we are co-creating the narrative of a beautiful and promising future and a New Earth Era.

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More information

Producer: New Earth Era

Streaming website:

Number of episodes: 3

Total length: 03 hours and 6 minutes


Interviewees and where to find them

Alex Tripod:

Jesse Wynyard:

Livia Devi:

Martin Schmalzried:

Gaby Kowalski:

Christof Melchizedek:

Kristie X Ord:

Clint X Morgan:

Inarra Griffyn:

Michael Armstrong: