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CO-CREAting a new earth era


On New Earth Era we discuss and explore ideas about how humans can learn to live together in peace, harmony, freedom, justice and community. We explore new areas of politics, economics, finance, technology, education systems, health care systems and other aspects of the human collective society.


Sustainability is one of our core focus areas. As humans, we are a part of the eco-system on Earth, but many of us seem to have forgotten. How can we create a world where humans can thrive and get what we need without compromising nature? We explore the area of sustainable technology, food, agriculture, businesses and more.


The rising consciousness in humanity invites more love, interconnectedness, freedom, peace, prosperity and divine creativity into our reality. However, it also shines light on the ancient shadows and disturbs the status quo. What world will we co-create from a higher state of conscious awareness? Explore with us.

welcome to a New earth era

mission and vision

We are collecting, exploring and sharing the awakening ideas, visions and innovative solutions for the next-level humanity. The future is created by us and how we think and act today matters. We believe in decentralisation, personal sovereignty and freedom as well as collaboration and unity consciousness. Join us in shaping the future of a New Earth Era.

join us in this shift towards freedom, peace and prosperity

What We have in store for you


On New Earth Era we invite conscious thought leaders, visionaries, inventors and creators that are passionately shaping a new future. Learn about conscious communities, healing, decentralisation and more.

Conscious Businesses

We are entering an era where businesses are required to keep up with the rise in the collective consciousness. Learn how to operate, earn and serve from a place of love, unity, abundance and divine creation inside our Business Programme.


What is the New Earth Era? Well, it is essentially up to us and how we want it to be. In my upcoming e-book I share more about the guiding principles and visions for the new paradigm anchored in love, freedom and peace.

A broken planet needs new systems, structures and a new normal.

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