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New Earth Era – the series

Welcome to the New Earth Era! In this new docuseries we’ll dive into discussions about the Great Awakening, the premises of the New Earth, eco communities, conscious technology, the financial system, the law of attraction, businesses of the New Earth and more.

With 10 amazing thought leaders within these fields, we are co-creating the narrative of a beautiful and promising future and a New Earth Era.

On New Earth Era we invite thought leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers and experts within different fields to speak on our platform. We make new and exiting ideas into entertaining and educating content for you to explore. 

These are times of shake-ups and massive changes in the world around us. Parallel to this, more and more of us are starting to rebuild new and better systems working for the whole of humanity and supporting all life on Earth. Join us in these new times!

A broken planet needs new ideas, New structures and New ways of doing things.

...And we need to start with ourselves!

On New Earth Era we present and discuss many different topics and ideas on how to transform the world.

But change always starts from within. One by one, people are waking up to the reality that our current systems and structures are not serving the greater good of all.

Furthermore, we are as a species evolving and expanding into a state where we want to live a life of service, personal sovereignty and freedom. 

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